Craft Beer & Pizza Pairing Guide: Finding the Perfect Combination

Craft Beer & Pizza Pairing Guide: Finding the Perfect Combination

Beer and pizza are a common pairing. Often, people consume these two staples without considering how well they pair together. In this article, we'll discuss how you can match the flavor of your favorite beer with a pizza or vice versa.

Pairing Principles

When pairing beer with pizza, the goal is to balance and enhance the flavors of both. This is accomplished by adhering to three major principles:
  • Matching the intensity so neither overpowers the other.
  • Complementing flavors so the two have similar taste profiles.
  • Contrasting flavors so the two balance each other out.

The last two may sound contradictory, but pizza and beer have complex flavor profiles. Pairing them means complementing the best parts and providing contrast where more balance is needed. Ultimately, what you want to complement and what you want to contrast is a matter of personal taste.

Suggested Pairings

Below are some suggested beer and pizza pairings based on popular pizza styles. These suggestions draw from a wide range of beer types, some more common than others. It should provide a great starting point for exploring exciting new flavor profiles.
  • Lager and Margherita Pizza: Lager's crisp taste cuts nicely through the richness of the cheese, providing a contrast that balances out the taste. Meanwhile, the lighter taste of lager allows the nuances of the basil to shine through.
  • IPA and Pepperoni Pizza: IPAs are known for their hoppy taste, which can be quite bitter, and for hints of floral or citrus taste. Each characteristic balances out the spicy, oily flavor of the pepperoni. 
  • Stout and Meat Lovers Pizza: Stouts are known for their deep and complex flavor with slight coffee or chocolate tastes. This flavor works well with the savory nature of meat, enhancing its flavor while the bitterness of the beer provides balance.
  • Wheat Beer and Vegetarian Pizza: Wheat beer is known for its fruity and aromatic flavors with hints of spice. These refreshing fruity notes nicely complement the natural sweetness and freshness of the vegetable toppings.
  • Supreme Pizza and Amber Ale: Amber ale has rich, malty notes that taste complex. This complements the robust flavor of a Supreme pizza. The sweetness of the ale contrasts with the savory meats.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch and Pale Ale: Pale ale has a crisp and slightly bitter profile. It slices through the richness of the ranch dressing while enhancing the salty notes of the bacon and the savory notes of the chicken.
  • Hawaiian Pizza and Fruit Lambic: Fruit lambic, fermented with fruit, has a sweet and tart taste. The sweetness complements the sweet pineapple, while the tartness adds an interesting contrast to the savory ham. 
  • Sweet BBQ Pizza and Smoky Porter: Smoky Porter is known for its deep, roasted malt flavors. These flavors mirror and enhance the rich, smoky sweetness of the BBQ sauce on the pizza, resulting in an interesting and complex taste.
  • Garlic Chicken Pizza and Saison: The peppery, citrusy notes of a saison beer elegantly cut through the richness of garlic-infused chicken, offering a spicy and aromatic contrast that elevates the garlic's pungency and complements the pizza's savory depth.

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