Game Day at Inferno: Tips for Enjoying Sports & Pizza with Friends

Sporting events are known for bringing people together with friends and family while enjoying tasty pizza and drinks.  Inferno Food By Fire is the best place to catch the game and enjoy great food with other sports fans. We've created a list below of tips for enjoying sports and pizza at Inferno Food By Fire with friends on game day. 


While restaurants during sporting events can often have a loud atmosphere and multiple screens, finding a bar that fits your style is important. Cheering on your favorite team with friends is not fun if you're uncomfortable or experience lackluster service.

So, how do you find the perfect atmosphere? Since you're there to watch the game, one of the most important factors is looking for bars with multiple screens (large screens are also a plus) that provide a wide variety of sports channels to ensure you can watch the game you want. You should also research venues near you to select the ones known for their lively atmospheres and sense of community, such as Inferno Food By Fire - one of the best pizza spots in Rapid City, SD.

Then, consider the type of seating arrangements they offer because having a comfortable place and enough seats to accommodate your party size is essential to enjoying your time watching the game. A final thing to consider when finding the perfect atmosphere is the quality of service because great service can ensure your dining experience scores big.


Pizza is a popular companion for game watchers, and you’re going to want the best pizza in Rapid City. Therefore, choose a location with a large, crave-worthy pizza selection that allows you to enjoy your favorites and try new, exciting flavors. At Inferno Food By Fire, we specialize in wood-fired pizzas with unique toppings. Our guests rave about our pizzas' authentic, wood-fired taste and super-fresh ingredients.

Inferno Food By Fire patrons come back again and again to try different, fantastic flavors. Explore our menu to browse our variety of pizza options. We offer something for everyone, from special requests to dietary preferences. Inferno Food By Fire understands the importance of meeting your dietary needs and provides the ultimate pizza selection by accommodating almost any request.


Guests can enjoy delicious pizza and an exciting game from their seats at Inferno Food By Fire at our Rapid City and Hot Springs locations. We have ideas to get started if you want to elevate your sports and pizza dining experience.
  • Organize sports-related games or trivia challenges with your friends and encourage fellow patrons to join for a friendly competition while enjoying your favorite pizza and game. 
  • Another fun competition with your friends is creating a pizza-tasting ranking system to rate your favorite pizzas. This will give you a chance to try a variety of pizza flavors.
  • Since you're already in a social situation, you can make the most of your experience by engaging in lively sports conversations with other guests. 


You and your friends want the perfect casual dining experience on game day, and Inferno Food By Fire is the pizza place to watch your favorite sports in South Dakota. Our Black Hills location is the hottest place for you and your friends to catch your favorite sporting events with unique pizza flavors, build-your-own pizza options, and multiple large high-definition TVs.

Contact us to learn how our lively atmosphere and the best Inferno pizza make the perfect combination for rooting for your favorite team.